In the past thirty years I have been working in a variety of media with an affinity to experimentation with various materials and techniques, including painting, printmaking, book arts, photography, and assemblage. 

     In all of my work mark making is a characteristic and intrinsic part, from the controlled to the intuitive and childlike mark, line or shape. I let myself be inspired by various systems of markings and notations, for example the gesture of calligraphy, the rhythm of music, the movement of dance, and the organic lines found in nature. I value illusion over definition, suggestions over specifics.

     My art is also a response to various places that I have lived in or encountered while traveling, and reflects my interest in other cultures. After having lived and worked in Boca Raton, Florida for over thirty years, my husband and I were ready for a big change. In 2017 we relocated from the Southeast to the Northwest, and now live in Corvallis, Oregon.